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Bathroom Witchery

I wonder if there’s any such thing as a Bath Witch?
There’s many kinds of practices of witchcraft such as Green Witch, Kitchen Witch, Hedge, Cottage, Sea etc, but recently as I was doing some herb research and also talking to my friend who just begun her own bath/soap business I was thinking, is there a form of bathroom witchery? (Unless if it exists and is underneath another name).
The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of the house because it’s a place of cleansing and also a place where you beautify yourself. Imagine a bath witch who would make bath bombs or salts with herbal infusions to bring tranquility, beauty, focus upon whomever uses their magic soaps or bomb concoctions to bathe in.
Imagine a bathroom shrine or altar with candles and offerings to Aphrodite, which is perfect since she is not only the goddess of beauty, but also has elements of the sea and water (which bathrooms deal with plenty of water) and home made shea butter creams or shampoo with spells, or special bath formulas to meditate or relax in, I dunno I’m just curious if this exists.

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